raintank gets open source monitoring ready for the enterprise.

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raintank is the company behind Grafana, the defacto standard for visualizing time series data. We also run Grafana.net an OpenSaaS platform that helps you get the most out of your Grafana, and get the most out of your open source monitoring stack.


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The leading open source time series data visualization and dashboarding tool. Loved by the community. Now ready for the enterprise.

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dynamic dashboards

Download and create new dashboards, panels, data sources and entire applications. Share, scale, support and protect your Grafana instances.

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intelligent alerting

Continually test, store and alert on the global performance and availability of your Internet applications. Pinpoint issues and fix them immediately.

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upcoming events

Conference New Orleans, LA | 7.24.16 - 7.27.16


Matt Toback: Service Providers and Metrics: Feed Your Customers. Metrics, metrics everywhere. In recent years, web-scale customers are storing and visualizing all layers of their application stack, but too often, the hosting is a black hole. This talk will challenge service providers to extend their APIs and make data available to their customers, increasing value and stickiness beyond ping, power and pipe.

This session will explain the modern day metric stack and show examples of how providers already expose this data. We'll go over popular open source time series databases like Graphite, InfluxDB and Prometheus, data collection tools like collected and Intel Snap, and how Grafana can act as the presentation layer across multiple data sources. Further, we'll look at the types of metrics service providers are providing to customers, and how some example customers use that data as part of their internal monitoring and alerting stacks.

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conference Berlin, Germany | 8.25.16 - 8.26.16


Carl Berquist: Grafana Master Class. Carl will be giving a talk and demo on many of the new features of Grafana 3.0 and how you can get the most out of your data. Get your tickets today!

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